It's Nanoed™ Electro Sprayer

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In today’s world we need sanitizing tools and now we have an affordable powerful electrostatic mist sprayer that can be used to sanitize anywhere, anytime!

  • Professional electrostatic sprayer
  • Far spraying distance
  • High atomization density
  • Large battery capacity
  • Use for sterilizing public places
  • Portable and easy to operate
  • Residential and commercial uses
  • Brushless motor for longer life

Product Features

Water Tank Capacity:
Battery Capacity:
2500 mAh
Charging Time:
Power Supply:
20V DC
Working Current:
Electrostatic Ion:
500 W/cm
Atomization Amount:
50 70 ML/min
Spray Distance:
Working Noise:
Product Size:

Touchless Application

With the application of water-based solution through the electro sprayer, there is no need to touch/wipe the surface (dependent on solution spraying) this provides a unique and effective application method.


This portability electro sprayer has never been seen before and our revolutionary commercial hand held sprayer has enabled us to bring these to all markets and business types. They are light weight, cordless and come complete with a carry case so they can be taken anywhere!

Quick and Effective

Using the electro sprayer will enable a quick and effective disinfection/sanitation. This is because the electrostatic charge that’s applied, allows the solution to cover a large area in a small amount of time. The sprayer has also been designed to meet dwell times for solutions so they can work to their full capabilities.

Eco Friendly

Our sprayer gives an eco friendly approach to disinfection due to the time that can be saved whilst utilizing the sprayers, but also reducing the amount of solution of that is sprayed.

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