It's Nanoed™ 8 Hour Hand Sanitizer+

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It's Nanoed™ Hand Sanitizer +

Treat your hands with It's Nanoed™ Hand Sanitizer +. Mechanical spikes exhaust and kill microbes preventing them from attaching, providing long-lasting benefits that are 99.9% effective against most common germs, bacteria and viruses, rather than reapplying an alcohol-based hand sanitizer when you touch anything potentially contaminated.

Unlike regular hand sanitizer, It's Nanoed™ Hand Sanitizer + is Eco-friendly, Non-toxic, long-lasting protection that helps bring peace of mind by offering protection BEFORE and AFTER contamination. It protects like no other, killing germs on contact with an invisible, breathable nano barrier layer that stays working and locked in place for 8 hours or more.

  • 99.9% effective against more common germs
  • FDA Registered
  • Kills bacteria and viruses (including Coronavirus, Norovirus, Cold and Flu)
  • Offers continued protection against recontamination for 8 hours or more
  • Physician tested and approved
  • Amplifies consumer defense against the threat of surface transmissible infections
  • Free of harsh chemicals, gentle on skin and safe for use around people and pets
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