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We are so happy to have found It’s Nanoed.  We use this product on door knobs and counter tops to protect our guests from picking up viruses, such as COVID, but we are also using it to protect our staff, and even the animals.  When you find a product that does what this product can do, you realize it has so many uses and benefits.  It kills viruses on contact and keeps killing them for 30 days! This is the kind of innovative product we need in times like this.

John Brueggen
St. Augustine Alligator Farm Zoological Park

It’s Nanoed is the best protection to keep our facility safe and clean, we have saved thousands of dollars by upgrading to the 30 Day Barrier Protection System. I feel better knowing we are not spraying harsh chemicals around our members and staff.

Austin Parker,
Simple Gym in Tomball, TX

To date, we have seen no transmission within the school and we have been able to maintain a strong educational environment we are committed to providing. We will continue to rely on the It’s Nanoed products to meet our goals of safety and educational excellence. These products offer us a level of protection we can offer with traditional products while reducing the additional time and staff required to operate a school district during an active pandemic.”

Robert M.
Stevensville Public School